Cryogenic-target performance and implosion physics studies on OMEGA

V. A. Smalyuk, R. Betti, T. R. Boehly, R. S. Craxton, J. A. Delettrez, D. H. Edgell, V. Yu Glebov, V. N. Goncharov, D. R. Harding, S. X. Hu, J. P. Knauer, F. J. Marshall, R. L. McCrory, P. W. McKenty, D. D. Meyerhofer, P. B. Radha, S. P. Regan, T. C. Sangster, W. Seka, R. W. ShortD. Shvarts, S. Skupsky, J. M. Soures, C. Stoeckl, B. Yaakobi, J. A. Frenje, C. K. Li, R. D. Petrasso, F. H. Śguin

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Recent progress in direct-drive cryogenic implosions on the OMEGA Laser Facility [T. R. Boehly, Opt. Commun. 133, 495 (1997)] is reviewed. Ignition-relevant areal densities of ∼200 mg/ cm 2 in cryogenic D 2 implosions with peak laser-drive intensities of ∼5× 10 14 W/ cm 2 were previously reported [T. C. Sangster, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 185006 (2008)]. The laser intensity is increased to ∼ 10 15 W/ cm 2 to demonstrate ignition-relevant implosion velocities of 3-4× 10 7 cm/s, providing an understanding of the relevant target physics. Planar-target acceleration experiments show the importance of the nonlocal electron-thermal-transport effects for modeling the laser drive. Nonlocal and hot-electron preheat is observed to stabilize the Rayleigh-Taylor growth at a peak drive intensity of ∼ 10 15 W/ cm 2. The shell preheat caused by hot electrons generated by two-plasmon-decay instability was reduced by using Si-doped ablators. The measured compressibility of planar plastic targets driven with high-compression shaped pulses agrees well with one-dimensional simulations at these intensities. Shock mistiming has contributed to compression degradation of recent cryogenic implosions driven with continuous pulses. Multiple-picket (shock-wave) target designs make it possible for a more robust tuning of the shock-wave arrival times. Cryogenic implosions driven with double-picket pulses demonstrate somewhat improved compression performance at a peak drive intensity of ∼ 10 15 W/ cm 2.

Original languageEnglish
Article number056301
JournalPhysics of Plasmas
Issue number5
StatePublished - 10 Jun 2009
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