Cultural tourism between local and transnational identities: Jewish heritage in Syracuse, Italy

Andrea Corsale, Shaul Krakover

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This article focuses on the management of heritage and cultural tourism related to the complex identity of minority groups, where different components tend to produce different visions and practices. It highlights the impacts of globalized transnational networks and influences on political, cultural and religious identities and affiliations over long distances. In fact, diverse views, approaches, perceptions and representations may lead to disagreement and conflicts even within apparently compact ethnic or religious communities. The issues related to dissonant heritage management strategies and the related authorized heritage discourse, in terms of unbalanced power relations and diverging narratives, are considered. The theme of Jewish heritage tourism (J.H.T) is analysed, with a focus on the case of Syracuse, Italy. This historically cosmopolitan and multicultural city specializes in cultural tourism and tends to develop niche products, including J.H.T, in order to strengthen and diversify its international cultural destination status. Different components of the Jewish world, as well as non-Jewish stakeholders, practice different approaches to heritage tourism. Actors, discourses and reasons behind Jewish culture management and promotion will be highlighted and the reactions, perceptions and suggestions by the various stakeholders and groups involved will be portrayed, with the aim of contributing to the discussion about the complexity of niche heritage tourism processes in a multi-ethnic site.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)460-481
Number of pages22
JournalTourism Geographies
Issue number3
StatePublished - 27 May 2019


  • Heritage
  • Italy
  • Jewish diaspora
  • Sicily
  • Syracuse
  • authorized heritage discourse
  • dissonant heritage
  • tourism
  • transnationalism

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  • Geography, Planning and Development
  • Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management


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