Daylighting Rivers: Inquiry Based Learning for Civic Ecology

Francesca Ugolini (Editor), D Pearlmutter (Editor)

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This conference represents the final event of the Daylighting Rivers project, which has engaged
secondary school students in inquiry-based and interdisciplinary learning focused on land and river use
and transformations, with an emphasis on the ways in which urban growth impacts local river
Three pilot schools in Europe successfully implemented this approach, involving more than 200
students in the application of learning units developed within the project to investigate different
aspects of their local rivers, from biodiversity to environmental threats.
In its second phase, the project engaged additional schools who overcame the obstacles of time and
COVID-19 to participate in the International Competition “Schools in Action for Daylighting Rivers”.
This competition has brought together groups of students eager to discover the rivers of their local
area, inspiring global action for sustainability. Among the highlights of the conference were the
presentations of these student projects, and the announcement of the competition prize winners at
the final Award Ceremony.
This conference also showcases contributions from stakeholders involved in a variety of sectors related
to river studies and management. In the sessions described below you will see a great diversity of
speakers, presenting scientific and professional case studies in fields ranging from innovative
education methodologies, gamification and the use of digital technologies to citizen science and river
management and restoration.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDaylighting Rivers: Inquiry Based Learning for Civic Ecology
ISBN (Electronic)978 88 8080 424 6
StatePublished - 1 Dec 2020


  • flood risk
  • awareness
  • hands-on model
  • serious games
  • evaluation
  • learning goals


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