Delegating creativity: Use of musical algorithms in machine listening and composition

Shlomo Dubnov, Greg Surges

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The affinity between mathematics mathematics and music has always spurred musicians to define various aspects of their practice in formal terms. This led historically to important innovations in tuning systems tuning system, design of new sounds and advances in music theory as well as emergence of new musical languages musical language and their cultural expressions cultural expression. Today the technology offers more intelligent and complex ways for automatic manipulation of musical knowledge and structure. This raises new challenges for understanding aspects of music creativity music creativity and music perception music perception that have largely remained beyond the reach of formal algorithmic composition algorithmic composition and generative music procedures generative music procedure. In this chapter we will consider the role of creative music systems in music making today and speculate whether this is going to be the next revolution in music cultures. Autonomous (music for games), human assisted (meta-creation) and recombinant and audience interactive systems (music apps) will be considered as examples of novel directions in music creation and public engagement with musical contents. It is argued that modeling of creative processes creative process in music can be done within a framework of cognitive probabilistic modeling cognitive probabilistic modeling, laying the foundation for novel research on music information dynamics Music Information Dynamics and action-cognition models action-cognition model applied to music.

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Subtitle of host publicationComputers in Music
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2014
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