Dense and Hot QCD at Strong Coupling

Tuna Demircik, Christian Ecker, Matti Järvinen

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We present a novel framework for the equation of state of dense and hot quantum chromodynamics (QCD), which focuses on the region of the phase diagram relevant for neutron star mergers and core-collapse supernovae. The model combines predictions from the gauge/gravity duality with input from lattice field theory, QCD perturbation theory, chiral effective theory, and statistical modeling. It is therefore, by construction, in good agreement with theoretical constraints both at low and high densities and temperatures. The main ingredients of our setup are the nonperturbative V-QCD model based on the gauge/gravity duality, a van der Waals model for nucleon liquid, and the DD2 version of the Hempel-Schaffner-Bielich statistical model of nuclear matter. By consistently combining these models, we also obtain a description for the nuclear to quark matter phase transition and its critical end point. The parameter dependence of the model is represented by three (soft, intermediate, and stiff) variants of the equation of state, all of which agree with observational constraints from neutron stars and their mergers. We discuss resulting constraints for the equation of state, predictions for neutron stars, and the location of the critical point.

Original languageEnglish
Article number041012
JournalPhysical Review X
Issue number4
StatePublished - 1 Oct 2022
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