Design and construction of a pilot plant for a shrouded wind turbine.

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In continuation of past research with the shrouded wind turbine concept, a pilot plant was designed and constructed for operation in the open atmosphere. For a 5 m/s free stream wind, the 3 m diameter shrouded turbine will generate about 1 KW. The shroud shown schematically in Fig. 1 has a length of 8 m and maximum diameter of 6 m. The surface area of the shroud is about 220 mSUB2. The problem of maintaining this aerodynamically shaped envelope on its 10 m tower was solved by using two structural skelgtons within the shroud envelope. A heavy skeleton of structural steel, consisting essentially of six pairs of hoops (squirrel cage) is anchored to the tower top and supports all rotating elements. To this is attached a lighter skeleton upon which the steel skin is fastened. This scheme was deemed optimum in that it made possible a reasonably light structure and minimized the probability that damage to the shroud would cause damage to the rotating elements and their support. Some of the space within the shroud is used to contain the generator and its drive. (A)

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Title of host publicationPapers Presented at the Second International Symposium on Wind Energy Systems held in Amsterdam, Netherlands
PublisherBHRA Fluid Engng
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 1978

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