Device And Method For Improving Human Motor Function

Simona Bar- Haim (Inventor), Mark Belokopytov (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A system including: (A) a device including: (a) a platform having, on a top side, a receptacle adapted to receive at least a portion of a bottom of a shoe or foot of the user; (b) a securing mechanism, associated with the receptacle; (c) at least one sole adapted to contact a ground surface; (d) a mechanism, at least partially disposed between, and operatively associated with, the sole and a bottom side of the platform, including: (i) a motor, for operatively connecting to a power source, and (ii) at least one thrusting element, mechanically associated with, and activated by, the motor, the thrusting element adapted to move, when in thrusting mode, between the sole and the platform so as to apply an upward force against the bottom side of the platform, thereby changing a height of at least a portion of the platform with respect to the sole;; (B) a sensor device including a sensor adapted to associate with a lower limb of the user, and to produce a data signal related to locomotion of the user, and (C) a microprocessor, operatively connected to the sensor and motor, the microprocessor adapted to: (i) receive locomotion information based on the data signal; (ii) process the locomotion information to make a determination of a locomotion phase of the user, and (iii) control a timing of the mechanism, based on the determination, to effect the changing of the height during a swing phase of the locomotion of the user.
Original languageEnglish GB
Patent numberUS8065105B2
StatePublished - 2009


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