Diabetes and factors associated with cognitive and functional decline. The screening for CKD among older people across Europe (SCOPE) study

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Background: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) in older people is a heterogeneous condition that exhibits differential characteristics in comparison with younger adults. DM increases the risk of disability, is associated with dementia and loss of function, and cognition may often be interrelated and more pronounced in older patients with DM than in those without. Aims: Our aim was to evaluate the incidence of functional and/or cognitive impairment in older adults with and without DM, and its associated factors in DM participants. Methods: A 2-year prospective analysis was conducted in a European multicenter prospective cohort (SCOPE study). Older community-dwelling adults (aged ≥ 75 years) underwent a comprehensive geriatric assessment. New functional and/or cognitive decline was explored. Results: Of 1611 participants, 335 (22.0%) had DM at baseline. The percentage of participants scoring at least one ADL impairment and/or cognitive impairment (MMSE < 24) was similar in both groups (9.6%). Factors associated with any new disability in participants with DM in the multivariate analysis were female sex (OR 3.28, 95% CI 1.42–7.56), history of stroke (OR 4.58, 95% CI 1.64–12.7), and greater IADL dependency (OR 1.08 95% CI 1.02–1.15). Discussion: Association between DM and cognitive or functional decline in outpatients of 75 years and older was not found, but factors such as female gender, history of stroke, and IADL dependency could be related. Conclusion: Decline in functional and cognitive status of community-dwelling older adults with DM was similar to participants without DM in a short period of 2 years of follow-up, though several clinical factors may increase its risk in this population.

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