Diffusive external light-trap for solar cells

Ido Frenkel, Shilpi Shital, Avi Niv

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The ability to absorb light is indispensable for high efficient solar power generation. This places conflicting requirements on the structure of a solar cell: On one hand, it needs to have thick active layers to absorb more of the available sunlight while on the other it needs thinner ones for better charge transport. This dilemma stands in the way of any semiconductor from ever achieving its full potential as a solar cell material. Recently, external light-traps have emerged as a cost-effective solution for this dilemma by being able to decouple the optics from the electronic aspects of the power-generating process in the cell. In this paper, we study the effectiveness of external light-traps with diffusive inner reflecting walls. Results indicate that given the correct design, external light-traps may present a genuine opportunity for high-efficiency cost-effective solar power production.
Original languageEnglish GB
StatePublished - 21 Oct 2019


  • physics.optics
  • physics.app-ph


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