Double decolonization and the loss of hegemony

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Spring in Palestine/Israel is beautiful but brief. Red anemones carpet the Negev/Naqab fields; the hills around Jerusalem are painted with pink-white blossoms of almond, pear, and apple trees, like an impressionist painting; the clear chilly air exudes the fragrance of wildflowers and is full of the hymns of birds and newly energized bees. You only have two or three weeks to give in to this intoxicating magic before the hot east wind, the Sharkiya, arrives, bringing with it the harsh reality of summer, somehow unexpected and always unwelcome. Defining Israel; the Jewish State, Democracy, and the Law. Edited by Simon Rabinovitch. Cincinnati, OH: Hebrew Union College Press, 2018
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDefining Israel
Subtitle of host publicationthe Jewish State, Democracy, and the Law
EditorsSimon Rabinovitch
Place of PublicationCincinnati, OH
PublisherHebrew Union College Press
ISBN (Print)0878201629
StatePublished - 2018


  • Arab-Israeli conflict ; Jewish nationalism -- Israel ; Nation-state -- Israel ; Palestinian Arabs -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- Israel


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