Dramatic Shape Modulation of Surfactant/Diacetylene Microstructures at the Air-Water Interface

Hao Jiang, Raz Jelinek

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Langmuir monolayers constitute a powerful platform for self-assembly and organization of amhiphilic molecules. Controlling the structural features of condensed domains formed within Langmuir monolayers, however, is a challenging task. The formation of remarkably diverse condensed microstructures is demonstrated in binary monolayers comprising of a surfactant (octadecylmelamine) and a diacetylene monomer. The mole ratio between the two constituents and composition of the aqueous subphases (specifically pH and which dissolved metal ions are present) dramatically modulated the shapes and dimensions of microstructures formed at the air-water interface. The self-assembled microstructures could be transferred from the water surface onto solid substrates, and subsequently further served as templates for gold coating, yielding electrically conductive microwires.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)16747-16752
Number of pages6
JournalChemistry - A European Journal
Issue number50
StatePublished - 8 Dec 2014


  • Langmuir monolayers
  • diacetylene films
  • octadecylmelamine
  • surfactant templates

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  • Organic Chemistry


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