Dynamic implant valve approach for dental implant procedures

Oded Nahlieli

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OBJECTIVE: To present the results of our current research involving the dynamic implant valve approach (DIVA) in cases with human patients.

METHODS: The new kind of implant was designed with an internal sealing screw that might serve for drug delivery system and possible endoscopic direct observation via its channel. The DIVA was used in cases when the implant insertion should be combined with the maxillary sinus floor lifting and/or bone augmentation procedure. A total of 63 patients (female n = 31, male n = 32, age range 33-67 years old, mean age 49 years old) were treated with DIVA and 218 new type implants were inserted.

RESULTS: Out of 218 inserted implants, 146 implants were inserted in the maxilla with bone level < 5 mm, and 72 implants were inserted in the maxilla with bone level > 5 mm. The number of implants per patients varied from one to eight. The failure consisted of seven implants (3.2%) in five patients. No correlation was found between failure cases and the bone density or quality. Follow up (4 to 18 months) showed that in 211 cases (96.8%), the implantation was totally successful both from objective clinical, imaging (cone beam computed tomography) and subjective patients' viewpoints.

CONCLUSION: The new dynamic implant valve approach simplified dental implantation procedure and postoperative treatment. The implant with an inner sealing screw could be considered for use in cases when elevation of the maxillary sinus membrane is needed, as well as in cases when bone augmentation procedures or future treatment might be suspected.

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JournalThe Chinese journal of dental research : the official journal of the Scientific Section of the Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA)
Issue number1
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2014

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