Early Bronze Age I Pottery in Southwestern Canaan

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New excavations at Early Bronze Age I (EB I) sites in Southwestern Canaan (Erani, Tel Halif Terrace, Nizzanim, Taur Ikhbeineh, En Besor), together with the reanalysis of old excavated material from Lachish NW settlement and Site H, in the same area, have enabled us to differentiate between four local phases of EB I, and to describe their pottery assemblages in detail.
The region defined as' Southwestern Canaan'is bordered on the south by the Nahal Besor (Wadi Ghazzeh), and its large tributary Nahal Beer-Sheva. The region's eastern borders are the valleys separating the inland plain of the Southern Shephela from the Hebron mountains; its northern limit is the course of Nahal Lachish up to the point where it dis-charges into the Mediterranean Sea. Other scholars, including Porat (1992), Kempinski (1992) and Brandl (1992), have treated a very similar geographi-
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Title of host publicationCeramics and Change in the Early Bronze age of the Southern Levant
EditorsGraham Philip, Douglas Baird
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StatePublished - 2000

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