Editorial - Heart to heart: Rehabilitation of sexuality in cardiac patients

Itzhak Ben-Zion, Asher Shiber

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Heart disease in general and acute myocardial infarction involve sexual dysfunction caused by anxiety and by the same physiological problems that caused the heart problem, namely endothelial dysfunction. Unfortunately, many patients and their spouses hesitate to approach their doctor on issues related to their sexual concerns. Furthermore, the medical team in general and doctors in particular are irresolute in bringing up sexual issues when dealing with overall cardiac rehabilitation. Although patients can safely resume sexual activity at some point, only one in four actually return to their previous level of sexual activity. If we really want to assist in the rehabilitation of patients we have to advise them about resuming their sex life. Solving sexual problems can serve as a tool in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of cardiac problems, as it can be used as an arm swinger for changing one's life habits. We urge increased research and treatment of sexual problems, in cardiac patients in general and in female patients in particular.

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StatePublished - 1 May 2006
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  • Heart disease
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Sexual health
  • Sexual rehabilitation
  • Sexuality

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