Edouard Charles Ernest Duvillier: the chemistry of oxoacids

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Edouard Duvillier (1851-1904) was a French chemist who studied the chemistry of oxoacids and their derivatives. This work led to the synthesis of many new chemical compounds and the determination of their physical and chemical properties, among them methyloxobutyric, n-ethyloxobutyric, isooxyvaleric, thioisovaleric, and thiooxybutyric acids, their, methyl-, ethyl-, and phenylamido derivatives, and ethyloxobutyramide. Duvillier reported the synthesis, composition, and properties of a variety of derivatives of chemicals pertaining to the groups of creatine and creatinine, among them a-oxobutyrocyamine and cyamidine. In addition, he developed an efficient method for separating the three amines pertaining to the same alcohol radical.

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StatePublished - 25 Jul 2022


  • Amines
  • chemical synthesis
  • creatine
  • creatinine
  • oxoacids

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