Entrainment of a turbulent patch in a stratified fluid

L. Verso, M. van Reeuwijk, R. Gurka, P. J. Diamessis, A. Liberzon

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Turbulent patches are localized events of turbulence, typically characterized by sharp differences between the flow characteristics across their interfaces. These localized events might add to the global mixing, heat exchange and mass transfer, playing a non-negligible role in the total energy balance in lakes or the ocean. This study takes a detailed look at the inner structure of a localized, mechanically forced patch in a linearly stratified ambient using laboratory experiments utilizing synchronized PIV and PLIF. The results point out that the role of the turbulent/non-turbulent interface at the edge of the patch could be significant in determining the growth rate and the maximum size of the patch.

Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2015
Externally publishedYes
Event15th European Turbulence Conference, ETC 2015 - Delf, Netherlands
Duration: 25 Aug 201528 Aug 2015


Conference15th European Turbulence Conference, ETC 2015

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  • Atmospheric Science
  • Geophysics
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