Entre a Nakba e a Shoá: Catástrofes e narrativas nacionais

Translated title of the contribution: Between the Nakba and the Shoah: Disasters and national narratives

Michel Gherman

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The post-war period brought important changes in the discursive practices of the two competing and overlapping nationalisms - the Zionist movement and the Palestine national movement. If since the beginning of the twentieth century, the two groups fought for the same territory based on complex and diffuse logic, from the 40's on, references to their collective tragedies became central to their respective national discourses. Here, both the Shoah as the Nakba come to constitute constant attempts to justify correctness and legitimacy of their political demands. In this article, we discuss the centrality of the two uses of the politics of Nakba and Shoah by Palestinians and Zionists in scenarios of ideological, national and territorial confrontation.

Translated title of the contributionBetween the Nakba and the Shoah: Disasters and national narratives
Original languagePortuguese
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Issue number2
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2014
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  • Memory
  • Nakba
  • Palestinian nationalism
  • Shoah
  • Zionism

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