Eulerian-Lagrangian methods for advection-dispersion.

S. P. Neumann, S. Sorek

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Three different Eulerian-Lagrangian schemes are used to solve the one-dimensional advection/dispersion equation. Advection is formally decoupled from dispersion, and the resulting advection problem is solved by a novel approach called the method of revere streaklines, and by the more conventional method of continuous particle tracking. Dispersion is handled by implicit finite elements on a fixed grid, using linear and quadratic basis functions. The results are compared with a third Eulerian-Langrangian method in which the concentration function remains undecomposed. Preliminary results suggest that the first two methods may, after further improvement, work well for a wide range of Peclet numbers. (from authors' abstract)

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFinite Elements in Water Resources
EditorsK.P. Holz, U. Meissner
PublisherSpringer Berlin
ISBN (Print)9783662023501
StatePublished - 1 Jan 1982

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