Evaluation of differences in injury patterns according to seat position in trauma victims survived traffic accidents

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    Purpose: Investigation of injury patterns epidemiology among car occupants may help to develop different therapeutic approach according to the seat position. The aim of the study was to evaluate and compare differences in the incidence of serious injuries, between occupants in different locations in private cars. Methods: A retrospective study including trauma patients who were involved in motor vehicle accidents and admitted alive to 20 hospitals (6 level Ⅰ trauma centers and 14 level Ⅱ trauma centers). We examined the incidence of injures with abbreviated injury score 3 and more, and compared their occurrence between seat locations. Results: The study included 28,653 trauma patients, drivers account for 60.8% (17,417). Front passenger mortality was 0.47% higher than in drivers. Rear seat passengers were at greater risk (10.26%) for traumatic brain injuries than front seat passengers (7.48%) and drivers (7.01%). Drivers are less likely to suffer from serious abdominal injuries (3.84%) compared to the passengers (front passengers - 5.91%, rear passengers – 5.46%). Conclusion: Out of victims who arrived alive to the hospital, highest mortality was found in front seat passengers. The rate of serious chest injuries was higher as well. Rear seat passengers are at greater risk for serious traumatic brain injuries. All passengers have a greater incidence of abdominal injuries. These findings need to be addressed in order to develop “customized” therapeutic policy in trauma victims.

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    StatePublished - 1 Oct 2018


    • Injury pattern
    • Seat position
    • Traffic accidents

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