Fracture Electromagnetic Radiation Induced by a Seismic Active Zone (in the Vicinity of Eilat City, Southern Israel)

Vladimir Frid, Avinoam Rabinovitch, Dov Bahat, Uri Kushnir

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This paper deals with the quantitative analysis of measured fracture-induced electromagnetic radiation (FEMR) near the Dead Sea Transform using the Angel-M1 instrument, which enables the recording of FEMR signals in a 3D manner. The results showed both the possibility of estimating the sizes of micro-fractures that are the sources of radiation and assessing the direction of the fractures’ locations to the measuring device, as well as the range of magnitude (Mw) of the impending “events” (EQs) associated with the FEMR measurements. Moreover, the relation between the measured FEMR activity (the number of FEMR hits per unit of time) and the FEMR event magnitudes showed consistency with the Gutenberg–Richter relationship for the region. Such measurements could therefore constitute a preliminary ‘field reinforcement’ towards a valid EMR method for a real earthquake forecast, which would provide much earlier warnings than seismic methods. The observed FEMR measurements could only be used to assess the stress concentrations and micro-fracturing in the region since they related to the very initial nucleation phase of a “virtual” earthquake. Nonetheless, they provide the necessary feasibility test for a forecasting method since all of the lab-measured FEMR features were confirmed in the field.

Original languageEnglish
Article number3639
JournalRemote Sensing
Issue number14
StatePublished - 1 Jul 2023


  • FEMR field measurements
  • earthquakes
  • fracture-induced electromagnetic radiation (FEMR)
  • micro-fracturing

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  • Earth and Planetary Sciences (all)


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