Freestanding Gold/Graphene-Oxide/Manganese Oxide Microsupercapacitor Displaying High Areal Energy Density

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Microsupercapacitors are touted as one of the promising “next frontiers” in energy-storage research and applications. Despite their potential, significant challenges still exist in terms of physical properties and electrochemical performance, particularly attaining high energy density, stability, ease of synthesis, and feasibility of large-scale production. We present new freestanding microporous electrodes comprising self-assembled scaffold of gold and reduced graphene oxide (rGO) nanowires coated with MnO2. The electrodes exhibited excellent electrochemical characteristics, particularly superior high areal capacitance. Moreover, the freestanding Au/rGO scaffold also served as the current collector, obviating the need for an additional electrode support required in most reported supercapacitors, thus enabling low volume and weight devices with a high overall device specific energy. Stacked symmetrical solid-state supercapacitors were fabricated using the Au/rGO/MnO2 electrodes in parallel configurations showing the advantage of using freestanding electrodes in the fabrication of low-volume devices.

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StatePublished - 10 Jul 2017


  • graphene oxide
  • manganese oxide
  • microsupercapacitors
  • porous gold
  • pseudocapacitance

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