Fregean Facts

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Two important Fregean ideas appear to conflict. The first is that a thought can be decomposed in different ways, and the second is that a thought is constituted by the senses of its constituents. This paper is a defense of Dummett’s suggestion of a way to reconcile between those two theses through the claim that although the same thought can be structured in different ways by different sentences; one of the structures is privileged. My defense focuses on the charge raised by Levine (Ratio (new series), XIX, 43–63, 2006) that Dummett’s claim about the privileged structure of a thought conflicts with the Slingshot argument. I show that this charge is misconceived; a careful examination of the Slingshot argument’s methodology reveals that Dummett’s claim does not conflict with it.

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JournalActa Analytica
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StatePublished - 1 Jun 2017

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