Girl meets boy: Cross-gender queer sex and the promise of pornography

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This article takes a look at an intriguing topos in women’s erotic fiction: cross-gender queer sex, that is, sex between women attracted to women and men attracted to men. I offer a reading of three stories that revolve around this theme, and analyze it both as a manifestation of ‘queer’ as a non-gendered identity formation, and as a product of the adoption of the gay male model of sexual subjectivity in lesbian pornography and lesbian sex culture in general. Finally, I evaluate this topos from the viewpoint of women’s rewriting of fantasy in the field of pornography, and explore its political implications. I argue that while the phantasmatic investment in gay masculinity has played a facilitating role in the articulation of female sexual subjectivity, its drawbacks include leaving the equation of subjectivity and masculinity intact. I conclude that the topos of cross-gender queer sex in pornography by women demonstrates both the promise and the limitations of pornographic resignifications.

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StatePublished - 1 Oct 2014


  • Erotic fiction
  • fantasy
  • lesbian porn
  • queer sexuality
  • sexual subjectivity

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