Groundwater colloidal particles obtained under natural gradient flow conditions

N Weisbrod, R Nativ, D Ronen

Research output: Book/ReportReport


Work is being performed on colloids as they facilitate the environmental transport of pollutants and metals. This work reports on preliminary results obtained with a passive multi layer sampler (MLS) which enables collection of both colloids and water samples under natural gradient flow-conditions. The studied system is a coastal plain aquifer where a 30m saturated profile is characterized by variations in the specific discharge (5 to 25 m/y) and in the concentration of dissolved oxygen (0 to 5 mg/l), dissolved organic carbon (3 to 40 mg/l) and chloride (40 to 200 mg/l). The diameter range of collected particles is between 300 to 900 nm and the concentration varied with depth. The colloids are composed mainly of particles of alumosilicates, quartz, CaCO{sub 3}, organic matter and also dolomite. Some quartz particles were found to contain large amounts of chromium on their surface.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 1995
Externally publishedYes


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