Health-related quality of life and sense of coherence among partners of women with breast cancer in Israel

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To compare HRQOL of husbands of women with non-metastatic breast cancer to husbands of healthy women. Additionally, to examine the impact of Sense of Coherence (SOC), socio-demographic, and clinical variables, on HRQOL of spouses in both groups. Method: This study used a comparative, matched, convenience sample. Husbands of women with non-metastatic breast cancer (. n=50), undergoing chemotherapy during 3-6 months after diagnoses and spouses of healthy women (. n=50) participated in a study. HRQOL was measured using the Medical Outcomes Study (MOS SF-36), and coping characteristics were measured using the Short Sense of Coherence scale. Socio-demographic factors, cancer stage, and treatments were collected. The groups were matched by age, education, employment (working/not working). The physical and mental component summary scores were dependent variables in the regression analysis. Result: Physical and Mental Component Summary indexes in the study group were significantly lower than in the control group. Higher education level, greater income, or more daily working hours were associated with better physical health index (added 30% to explaining the variance). The only personal variable predicting the mental component of QOL was financial situation (added 7%). Higher SOC was associated with higher HRQOL. Disease and treatment characteristics were found to have no influence upon the husbands' QOL. Conclusions: While the main influence found in this study of a woman's breast cancer on her partner's quality of life is on the mental component, the partner's physical health should also be taken into account.

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JournalEuropean Journal of Oncology Nursing
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StatePublished - 1 Feb 2015


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