Hiding Charge in a Wormhole

Eduardo Guendelman, Alexander Kaganovich, Emil Nissimov, Svetlana Pacheva

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Existence of wormholes can lead to a host of new effects like Misner-Wheeler "charge without charge" effect, where without being generated by any source an electric flux arrives from one "universe" and flows into the other "universe". Here we show the existence of an intriguing opposite possibility. Namely, a charged object (a charged lightlike brane in our case) sitting at the wormhole "throat" expels all the flux it produces into just one of the "universes", which turns out to be of compactified ("tube-like") nature. An outside observer in the non-compact "universe" detects, therefore, a neutral object. This charge-hiding effect takes place in a gravity/gauge-field system self-consistently interacting with a charged lightlike brane as a matter source, where the gauge field subsystem is of a special non-linear form containing a square-root of the Maxwell term and which previously has been shown to produce a QCD-like confining gauge field dynamics in flat space-time.
Original languageEnglish GB
Pages (from-to)31-38
JournalThe Open Nuclear and Particle Physics Journal,
StatePublished - 18 Aug 2011


  • hep-th
  • gr-qc


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