Hochschild cohomology commutes with adic completion

Liran Shaul

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For a flat commutative k-algebra A such that the enveloping algebra A ⊗k A is noetherian, given a finitely generated bimodule M, we show that the adic completion of the Hochschild cohomology module HHn(Â/k, M) is naturally isomorphic to HHn.AO=k; MO /. To show this, we make a detailed study of derived completion as a functor D(Mod A) → D(Mod Â) over a nonnoetherian ring A, prove a flat base change result for weakly proregular ideals, and prove that Hochschild cohomology and analytic Hochschild cohomology of complete noetherian local rings are isomorphic, answering a question of Buchweitz and Flenner. Our results make it possible for the first time to compute the Hochschild cohomology of k[[t1,….,tn]] over any noetherian ring k, and open the door for a theory of Hochschild cohomology over formal schemes.

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JournalAlgebra and Number Theory
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2016
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  • Adic completion
  • Hochschild cohomology

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