In Memoriam: Professor Avram Bar-Cohen (1946–2020)

Marc Hodes, Ravi Mahajan, Zvi Ruder, Terry Simon, Karl Geisler, Michael Ohadi, Joseph Maurer, David Altman, Jim Wilson, Gennady Ziskind, Mark Spector, Ivan Catton, Vijay Dhir, Timothy Fisher, Portonovo Ayyaswamy, Boravoje Mikic

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Avi also began a parallel project—a multiset, multivolume Encyclopedia of Packaging Materials, Processes and Mechanics, whose first set Interconnect and Wafer Bonding Technologies (in 4 volumes) was just published [18]. In addition to these gargantuan (in their significance, usefulness, comprehensiveness, details and size) publications, Avi was deeply involved with several flourishing, extremely popular series of individual volumes, i.e., World Scientific Series in Advanced Integration and Packaging (a series of individual volumes, co-edited with Profs. Ricky Lee and Bongtae Han) [19]—with a particular focus on 2.5D and 3D form factors—which, according to Avi's vision, has provided a “technology commons” for the packaging community, a place where ideas can be articulated, examined, and disseminated rapidly and efficiently through both print and electronic media, and World Scientific Series in Emerging Technologies [20], in which Avi had aspired to offer readers insightful explorations of the most exciting and compelling emerging technologies with the potential to strongly impact diverse aspects of life on our planet. Finally, true to his commitment to both research and education, just last month Avi decided to branch out this core series of research publications into an educational track as well, thus ensuring that both students and lecturers could benefit from having a forum where they can find lectures and lecture notes for courses on “disruptive new technologies of the future”—and so a separate World Scientific Series of Lectures in Emerging Technologies [21] was born.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberHT-20-1725
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Heat Transfer
Issue number3
StatePublished - 21 Feb 2021


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