Induction and molecular signature of pathogenic TH17 cells

Emmanuel L Gautier, Tal Shay, Jennifer Miller, Melanie Greter, Claudia Jakubzick, Stoyan Ivanov, Julie Helft, Andrew Chow, Kutlu G Elpek, Simon Gordonov, Amin R Mazloom, Avi Ma'ayan, Wei-Jen Chua, Ted H Hansen, Shannon J Turley, Miriam Merad, Gwendalyn J Randolph, Y Lee, A Awasthi, N YosefF J Quintana, S Xiao, A Peters, C Wu, M Kleinewietfeld, S Kunder, D A Hafler, R A Sobel, A Regev, V K Kuchroo

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapterpeer-review

748 Scopus citations


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