Inelastically generated solitons and anti-solitons in the perturbed KdV equation

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Under the effect of common perturbations, the multiple-soliton solution of the KdV equation is transformed into a sum of an elastic and a first-order inelastic component. The elastic component is a perturbation series, identical in structure to the perturbed single-soliton solution. It preserves the soliton-scattering picture. The inelastic component is generated by perturbation terms that represent coupling between KdV solitons and inelastically generated soliton-anti-soliton waves. It asymptotes into solitons and anti-solitons, that evolve along the characteristic lines of the KdV solitons. This is demonstrated in the two-soliton case.
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StatePublished - 2 Oct 2007


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