Integrable deformation of ℂP n and generalised Kähler geometry

Saskia Demulder, Falk Hassler, Giacomo Piccinini, Daniel C. Thompson

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We build on the results of [1] for generalised frame fields on generalised quotient spaces and study integrable deformations for ℂPn. In particular we show how, when the target space of the Principal Chiral Model is a complex projective space, a two-parameter deformation can be introduced in principle. The second parameter can however be removed via a diffeomorphism, which we construct explicitly, in accordance with the results stemming from a thorough integrability analysis we carry out. We also elucidate how the deformed target space can be seen as an instance of generalised Kähler, or equivalently bi-Hermitian, geometry. In this respect, we find the generic form of the pure spinors for ℂPn and the explicit expression for the generalised Kähler potential for n = 1, 2.

Original languageEnglish
Article number86
JournalJournal of High Energy Physics
Issue number10
StatePublished - 1 Oct 2020
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  • Differential and Algebraic Geometry
  • Integrable Field Theories
  • Sigma Models
  • String Duality

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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