Interaction lab, holon institute of technology

Michal Rinott

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The Interaction Lab at the Holon Institute of Technology is a space for designing interactions. There are two connected spaces in the lab. The smaller one is a classroom; the bigger one contains the lab equipment, junk for tinkering, individual work tables, a big shared table, and whichever projects are in process. The Lab started a course, called 'Interaction Design Hands On,' in which students of all disciplines in the Holon Institute of Technology, design, engineering, sciences, educational technologies, and management, met to create prototypes of new interactions. There are five or six of researchers who work in the lab, between 20 and 40 bachelor's and master's students who take courses here each semester, and a bunch of people who hang out, work on their own projects, help out, or just come to see what's going on. Some projects are shared, almost democratically, especially ones aimed for public spaces and museums, while each lab member leads a project or sub-project of their own choice.

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StatePublished - 13 Sep 2013

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