Interaction of mdm ferrite particles with a microwave-field continuum

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Magnetic-dipolar modes (MDMs) in a quasi-2D ferrite disk are microwave energy-eigenstate oscillations with topologically distinct structures of rotating fields and unidirectional power-flow circulations. Quantized vortices in MDM oscillations manifest the long-range phase coherence of magnetic dipole-dipole interaction which are described by a complex-valued order parameter field—the magnetostatic-potential (MS-potential) scalar wave function. Because of strong spin–orbit interaction in magnetization dynamics, the MDMs in a quasi-2D ferrite disk are helical resonances. The magnon-photon interaction can be indicated as helical bound states in a microwave continuum. We analyze quasistatic eigenvalue problems for magnon oscillations in subwavelength particles and consider interaction of these particles with a microwave-field continuum.

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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2018

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