Intracranial complications of otorhinologic infections

M. Kraus, F. Tovi

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In 70 patients with initial otorhinological infections there were 87 different central nervous system (CNS) complications. 40 (57%) were children (from 1 month to 15 years). 15 (21%) had more than 1 complication. Mortality was 14% (10/70). Leptomeningitis was the most common CNS complication (43%) and it occurred mainly in the pediatric age group. Lateral sinus thrombosis (LST) was accompanied by other intracranial infections in 80% of the patients. The highest mortality was found in patients with brain abscess (38%) as the initial or concomitant complication. Despite liberal use of antibiotics, CNS complications of otorhinologic infections are still encountered with considerable mortality rates. Modern imaging techniques are of great value in localizing the intracranial disease, but a complete initial otorhinologic examination is needed to rule out an extracranial focus of infection, sometimes with an insidious course.

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StatePublished - 1 Jan 1993
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