Introducing Variable Importance Tradeoffs into CP-Nets

Ronen I. Brafman, Carmel Domshlak

Research output: Working paper/PreprintPreprint


The ability to make decisions and to assess potential courses of action is a corner-stone of many AI applications, and usually this requires explicit information about the decision-maker s preferences. IN many applications, preference elicitation IS a serious bottleneck.The USER either does NOT have the time, the knowledge, OR the expert support required TO specify complex multi - attribute utility functions. IN such cases, a method that IS based ON intuitive, yet expressive, preference statements IS required. IN this paper we suggest the USE OF TCP - nets, an enhancement OF CP - nets, AS a tool FOR representing, AND reasoning about qualitative preference statements.We present AND motivate this framework, define its semantics, AND show how it can be used TO perform constrained optimization.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 2013

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