Israeli college student alcohol use: The association of background characteristics and regular drinking patterns

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In Israel, there is a lack of research regarding the association between background characteristics of university students and their use of alcohol. In response, a cohort of 1276 male and female undergraduate students was surveyed at a major university in the country. Among the study participants, 21% (270) reported regular, weekly use of alcohol. Men were much more inclined to drink on a weekly basis than women; and, 7% of the students who used alcohol regularly did so on a daily basis. Approximately 70% of the students who used alcohol drank in the company of friends; and, one-third of the alcohol using students reported that it was important to have their friends with them when they used the substance. Student background characteristics found to be associated with weekly alcohol use included: gender, age, country of origin, economic status, academic discipline, father's level of education, and parents' use of alcohol and legal medication. An important finding of this study was that 30% of the students who used alcohol reported driving a car after drinking and 3% of this sub-population drank while driving. Alcohol tends to be used and abused more than any other licit or illicit substance among Israeli university students. This issue, however, receives far less attention than illicit drug use in terms of education, public awareness, prevention and treatment activities. Alcohol use and abuse among university students in Israel is far from the major problem found elsewhere. Nevertheless, planned prevention and other forms of intervention are needed on campuses throughout the country.

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