Maimonides' political thought: studies in ethics, law and the human ideal

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This is an excellent book, which deals with fundamental problems in Maimonides moral, political, and legal philosophy. It is well written, based upon the most recent scholarship, and, most importantly, advances our understanding of the greatest of the medieval Jewish philosophers. Daniel Frank, author of Commandment and Community: New Essays in Jewish Legal and Political Philosophy This book makes a contribution of great value to Maimonides scholarship and to the study of religion by systematically presenting the evidence for a political interpretation of the life-work of one of the greatest Jewish theologians. This is an important corrective to the prevailing tendency to ignore the centrality of the practical intellect of Maimonides anthropology, a tendency that leads to positing a false dichotomy between intellectual and practical conceptions of the best life for a human being. Ehud Benor, author of Worship of the Heart: A Study of Maimonides Philosophy of Religion" (Amazon).
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationAlbany
PublisherState University of New York Press
Number of pages360
ISBN (Electronic)0791441903, 1438409672
StatePublished - 1999

Publication series

NameSUNY series in Jewish philosophy
PublisherState University of New York Press


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