Measured Corneal Astigmatism Versus Pseudophakic Predicted Refractive Astigmatism in Cataract Surgery Candidates

Adi Abulafia, Graham D. Barrett, Adi Porat-Rein, Maria Tsessler, David Zadok, Yoav Kan-Tor, Maarten P. Mourits, Ruth Lapid-Gortzak

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PURPOSE: To compare standard and total corneal astigmatism measurements to the predicted pseudophakic (nontoric) refractive astigmatism in candidates for cataract surgery. DESIGN: A retrospective, cross-sectional study. METHODS: A single-center analysis of consecutive eyes measured with a swept-source optical coherence tomography biometer at a large tertiary medical center between February 2018 and June 2020. Corneal astigmatism was calculated based on standard keratometry astigmatism (KA), total corneal astigmatism (TCA), and predicted refractive astigmatism (PRA) for a monofocal nontoric intraocular lens (IOL) implantation calculated by the Barrett toric calculator using the predicted posterior corneal astigmatism (PRA(Predicted-PCA)) and the measured posterior corneal astigmatism (PRA(Measured-PCA)) options. Separate analyses were performed for each eye. SETTING: Ophthalmology Department, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel. RESULTS: In total, 8152 eyes of 5320 patients (4221 right eyes [OD] and 3931 left eyes [OS], mean age 70.6±12.2 years, 54.2% females) were included in the study. The mean vector values (centroid) for KA, TCA, PRA(Predicted-PCA), and PRA(Measured-PCA) were 0.07 diopters [D] at 19.5°, 0.27 D at 7.5°, 0.44 D at 2.9°, and 0.43 D at 179.3°, respectively (P < .01), for OD and 0.02 D at 150.3°, 0.23 D at 169.7°, 0.40 D at 179.4°, and 0.42 D at 169.5°, respectively (P < .01), for OS. More than 73% of eyes had a PRA >0.5 D. CONCLUSIONS: Standard and total corneal astigmatism measurements differ significantly from the PRA by the Barrett toric calculator. The PRA, rather than the KA or TCA, should be used as the reference guide for astigmatism correction with toric IOL implantation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)225-231
Number of pages7
JournalAmerican Journal of Ophthalmology
StatePublished - 1 Aug 2022
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