Measurement of Dicke Narrowing in Electromagnetically Induced Transparency

M. Shuker, O. Firstenberg, R. Pugatch, A. Ben-Kish, A. Ron, N. Davidson

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Dicke narrowing is a phenomena that dramatically reduces the Doppler width of spectral lines, due to frequent velocity-changing collisions. A similar phenomena occurs for electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) resonances, and facilitates ultra-narrow spectral features in room-temperature vapor. We directly measure the Dicke-like narrowing by studying EIT line-shapes as a function of the angle between the pump and the probe beams. The measurements are in good agreement with an analytic theory with no fit parameters. The results show that Dicke narrowing can increase substantially the tolerance of hot-vapor EIT to angular deviations. We demonstrate the importance of this effect for applications such as imaging and spatial solitons using a single-shot imaging experiment, and discuss the implications on the feasibility of storing images in atomic vapor.
Original languageEnglish GB
StatePublished - 2007

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NamearXiv preprint


  • Quantum Physics


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