Meeting the survivors: Ben-Gurion's visit to Bulgaria, December 1944

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In order to assess the condition of Bulgarian Jews and attempt to encourage the government to permit them to emigrate to Palestine, David Ben-Gurion traveled to Bulgaria at the end of World War II. During his visit in December 1944, Ben-Gurion met with Jewish community representatives, Bulgarian officials, and delegates of the Allies. Although Bulgaria's Jews "had been relatively unscathed during the Holocaust in comparison with most of European Jewry," Ben-Gurion encountered various examples of suffering among Sofia's Jews in the slum of Yotch-Bonar. After returning to Jerusalem, he urged the Jewish Agency to provide additional assistance for Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. He also warned of potential problems posed by Communist Party officials with whom he met.
Original languageEnglish GB
Pages (from-to)175-195
Number of pages21
JournalStudies in Zionism
Issue number2
StatePublished - 1989


  • WORLD War II
  • JEWS
  • BEN-Gurion, David, 1886-1973


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