Metropolitan andrei sheptyts'kyi, Ukrainians and jews during and after the holocaust

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This study attempts to present and analyse the attitudes and deeds of Metropolitan Andrei Sheptyts 'kyi, head of the Ukrainian Uniate Church in Galicia, regarding Jews during the Holocaust. Sheptyts'kyi is examined not only in the context of the problematic and tense Ukrainian-Jewish relations, but also within the wider parameters of Ukrainian-Polish, Ukrainian-Soviet and Ukrainian-German relations. Sheptyts'kyi's attitudes toward Jews were affected by various and at times conflicting considerations. However, compared with the non-Jewish population of Nazi-occupied Europe, with the Church and the Vatican, and especially with his fellow-Ukrainians, his statements and deeds on behalf of the Jews place him among those who believed that they were their brothers' keepers.

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JournalHolocaust and Genocide Studies
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StatePublished - 1 Dec 1990

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