Microdosimetric Response of Physical and Biological Systems to Low-and High-LET Radiations

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Professor Horowitz is a world-reknown expert on TL microdosmetric theory and applications to dosimetry. He is the author of the highly successful 3 volume book on TL and TL dosimetry, has authored approximately 150 research papers and fifteen review articles on TLD and the influence of ionisation density on TL mechanisms. Prof. Horowitz is on the Editorial Board of three leading radiation-dosimetry-related international journals. In the past two decades he has pioneered and developed microdosimetric TL models such as the Unified Interaction Model, the Extended Track Interaction Model and ModifiedTrack Structure Theory models for the calculation of TL efficiency. He has served on the Scientific Advisory Committee of the past nine International Solid State Dosimetry Conferences spanning the period 1983-2007 and was the President of the 13th SSD Conference in Athens in 2001. All his co-authors are also internationally recognised scientists in their fields of expertise, with outstanding research careers at universities and governmental research institutes. All co-authors have had extensive experience in writing and editing books, conference proceedings, review articles, graduate student training, etc.

Original languageEnglish
ISBN (Print)9780444516435
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2006


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