Multiple interfaces message passing system for transputer network

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One of the most important factor that determine the performance of the parallel multiprocessor system is the establishment of an optimized communication system between the different tasks of an application running in distinct Processing Elements (PE) of a parallel processor array. The presented work suggests the use of a Multiple Interface Message Passing System (MIMPS) for a distributed transputer network, as an efficient solution to complex application requirements. The MIMPS is studied on a mesh topology network of 16 transputers T800. The MIMPC manages communication between application tasks through three interfaces. The application designer chooses the appropriate interface depending on the function of the task. A send/receive asynchronous interface (Interface I) handles efficiently server tasks like central facilities, data storage and access tasks and graphic servers, a synchronous send/receive interface (Interface 2) handles tasks which communicate rarely and a virtual channel interface (Interface 3) handles heavy communicating tasks. Features of the MIMPS as communication speed and computation overhead due to communication are given. The MIMPS is written in INMOS ANSI Parallel C.

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JournalMicroprocessing and Microprogramming
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 1992
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