Multiplicity dependence of Bose-Einstein correlations in hadronic Z0 decays

The OPAL Collaboration

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Bose-Einstein correlations between like charged track pairs have been studied using a sample of approximately 3.6 million multihadronic Z0 decays collected with the OPAL detector at LEP. The radius of the emitting source R and the chaoticity parameter λ were studied using two parametrisations, the Goldhaber (G) parametrisation and the one-dimensional Kopylov-Podgoretskiǐ (KP) parametrisation. The radii RG and RKP are found to increase linearly with the average observed charged multiplicity nch, with changes with respect to a unit increase in nch of 1/〈RG〉 ΔRG/Δnch = (3.6 ± 0.6)·10-3 and 1/〈RKP〉 ΔRKPch = (3.4 ± 1.0)·10-3, where the 〈R〉 are the radius values measured in the inclusive event sample. The chaoticity parameters λG and λKP decrease with increasing charged multiplicity. It is shown that the increase of R with multiplicity may be connected with differences between two- and three-jet events.

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JournalZeitschrift fur Physik C-Particles and Fields
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StatePublished - 1 Oct 1996
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