Multispectral and Circular Polarization-Sensitive Carbon Dot-Polydiacetylene Capacitive Photodetector

Nitzan Shauloff, Rajesh Bisht, Yury Turkulets, Rajendran Manikandan, Ahiud Morag, Avi Lehrer, Joshua H. Baraban, Ilan Shalish, Raz Jelinek

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Multispectral photodetectors (MSPs) and circularly polarized light (CPL) sensors are important in opto-electronics, photonics, and imaging. A capacitive photodetector consisting of an interdigitated electrode coated with carbon dot/anthraquinone-polydiacetylene is constructed. Photoexcitation of the carbon dots induces transient electron transfer to the anthraquinone moieties, and concomitant change in the film dielectric constant and recorded capacitance. This unique photodetection mechanism furnishes wavelength selectivity that is solely determined by the absorbance of the carbon dots incorporated in the anthraquinone-polydiacetylene matrix. Accordingly, employing an array of polymerized-anthraquinone photodetector films comprising carbon dots (C-dots) exhibiting different excitation wavelengths yielded optical “capacitive fingerprints” in a broad spectral range (350–650 nm). Furthermore, circular light polarization selectivity is achieved through chiral polymerization of the polydiacetylene framework. The carbon dot/anthraquinone-polydiacetylene capacitive photodetector features rapid photo-response, high fidelity, and recyclability as the redox reactions of anthraquinone are fully reversible. The carbon dot/anthraquinone-polydiacetylene platform is inexpensive, easy to fabricate, and consists of environmentally friendly materials.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2206519
Issue number31
StatePublished - 2 Aug 2023


  • capacitive photodetectors
  • carbon dots
  • circularly polarized light detection
  • multispectral photodetectors
  • polydiacetylene

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