News repertoires, civic engagement and political participation among young adults in Israel

Sagit Dinnar, Hillel Nossek

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This study investigates the cross-media repertoires of news consumption of young adults in today's fragmented multi-media environment, and examines the interactions between those repertoires and the consumers' civic engagement and political participation. By using a Q-sort method, the respondents were asked to sort a number of elicitation cards on a relational scalar grid, which allowed for subsequent statistical factor analysis of these qualitative data and the generation of a sub-typology of media consumption repertoires as well as the discursive practices of the respondents. We also used a questionnaire which included questions about news consumption, political participation, and civic engagement. The findings revealed that most young adults used repertoires of digital and new media news consumption. The interviewees were highly conscious of their choices of news sources, and some young adults explicitly stated that they preferred to consume news from sources which reflected their own political views. In this study we were able to map news media repertoires of young adults in Israel and found that young adults do participate, and are largely involved, in activism and protests.

Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2019
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  • civic engagement
  • news
  • political participation
  • repertoires
  • young adults

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