Nihil novi sub sole...

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Reviews the book, The history of the geometry curriculum in the United States by Nathalie Sinclair (2008). The author states in the opening of this book that her hope is 'to increase the mathematics education community’s awareness of the shape and nature of the geometry curriculum as it currently stands by investigating both its historical roots and the many events and influences that have led to its present state'. I found this book to be informative, intelligent, and pleasant to read. Although it is very short, anyone who studies geometry teaching will greatly benefit from it. It also strengthens my general conviction that we come to the ideas, questions, and debates that concern us in mathematics education in medias res: our research is based on queries that have been raised before; we continue them, compare them with other things that have been said, and deepen our understanding what it takes and what it means to educate in mathematics. We may be at the frontier of research, but that does not mean we leave our history behind. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)
Original languageEnglish GB
Pages (from-to)253-257
Number of pages5
JournalMathematical Thinking and Learning
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1 Jul 2010


  • Curriculum Development
  • Geometry
  • Mathematics Education
  • Awareness
  • History


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