Non-commutative rational Clark measures

Michael T. Jury, Robert T. W. Martin, Eli Shamovich

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We characterize the non-commutative Aleksandrov--Clark measures and the minimal realization formulas of contractive and, in particular, isometric non-commutative rational multipliers of the Fock space. Here, the full Fock space over $\mathbb{C} ^d$ is defined as the Hilbert space of square--summable power series in several non-commuting formal variables, and we interpret this space as the non-commutative and multi-variable analogue of the Hardy space of square--summable Taylor series in the complex unit disk. We further obtain analogues of several classical results in Aleksandrov--Clark measure theory for non-commutative and contractive rational multipliers. Non-commutative measures are defined as positive linear functionals on a certain self-adjoint subspace of the Cuntz--Toeplitz algebra, the unital $C^*-$algebra generated by the left creation operators on the full Fock space. Our results demonstrate that there is a fundamental relationship between NC Hardy space theory, representation theory of the Cuntz--Toeplitz and Cuntz algebras, and the emerging field of non-commutative rational functions.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 20 Jan 2022


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