Not just for men: Israeli women who fancy football

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This essay deals with the minority participant and spectator in the global game from the perspective of gender. Taking the participatory fandom of the Israeli female spectators as a case study, it argues that the increasing presence of women at football matches has assumed enormous significance in challenging the male hegemony over the game. Albeit being independent and committed fans, the relationship of Israeli women to football is intermediated by the gender effect. The essay interrogates three basic questions relating to female fans: becoming a football fan, fandom as a way of life, and the relative autonomy of behaviour in the stadium. While admitting the fact that women enjoy only relative autonomy in football fandom, it concludes that football no longer remains 'just for men' as the game provides autonomous, albeit relative, space for women to assert their identity and commitment in the football stadium.

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JournalSoccer and Society
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StatePublished - 1 Nov 2009
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