On system executions and states

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An approach for modeling dynamic situations where several processes execute concurrently is described. Using the concepts "system execution" and "pomset" defined by Lamport and Gischer, we address basic issues such as: what is an "event"? what is a "state" of a system? how should time be represented? etc. The notion of a system execution is extended in such a way that a state is just a peculiar system execution, one in which no event precedes another-it is the description of a moment. This allows demonstrating the duality within a single framework of two approaches to modeling concurrency: the one based on events and the other on states.

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JournalApplied Intelligence
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StatePublished - 1 Feb 1993


  • Correctness of programs
  • cores of executions
  • global time
  • semantics of concurrency
  • system execution

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